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Remush India’s alternative to TikTok

A super simple video editing and social platform   Choosing a video platform isn’t easy. Especially as online and distance learning grows. With increasing vendor choices and a myriad of options from features to integrations, it can be difficult to decide which platform is truly the best fit. So I examined everything and chose the perfect fit platform for my fashion content; REMUSH. Remush  is an app which gets you to ease while working by making beautiful content with help of templates. So my genre is fashion. I make really cool content by  remush  using my styling tips knowledge &  remush  template with music, transition and effects. It can make an ordinary video converted into super classy video, we can select music according to how our fashion look is, if we have chic looks so  i  can go for some  streetstyle  song & if  i  am playing classy then  i  can probably put on opera music. They have also trending music so we can also make videos on that music with our style to get

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